Vertimax lineman punches with College Football Players

Hand speed and extension strength is the key to blocking or getting off blocks.  The vertimax v8 allows us to add resistance at our hips and our hands.  This is an advanced drill and should… Continue reading

Speed Training with Parachutes

Training with parachutes is a good way to add minimul resestance to a sprint workout.  The goal is to keep the athlete fast during their training session by still adding a form of resestance.  For… Continue reading

Grip Training is essential for athletes

Want to lift heavy weight?  It starts with your grip…  Grip might be one of the most under-trained elements in your routine.  They make a few pieces of equipment that can help like… Continue reading

best back equipment in Burlington!

Gene goes through our 6 station back routine that is lead with 5 pieces of hammer strength and one rare icarian flite!

Laser Timers : are they worth it?

Abbi came to our Training Facility in October and needed to work on her starts for track.  She is a 100m sprinter and with a best of 12.90 she is 2 tenths off… Continue reading

Sapp: have u seen me lately?